Twin boys witness as mother's fiancee runs over their father

Nine-year-old twin brothers watched as their mother's fiancee struck their father with a van, killing him on Father's Day weekend. The man told police he was upset the boys called their biological father, "dad".

David Connolly, 55, was arraigned Monday on a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Dennis Pike, 36.

"I was very upset because the kids were calling Dennis 'dad,"' Connolly said in a statement to police. "I have been raising those kids for the last seven months as if they were my own."

He said he did not mean to kill Pike.

The boys' mother, Linda Potter, told police there had never been a problem between the two men before. Potter, 47, said she had been with Pike "off and on" for 10 years and but they never married. She and Connolly were engaged at Christmas.

According to statements given to police, Pike took his sons to play baseball Saturday morning after the boys spent the night with him.

Connolly and Potter drove to the ball field, where Connolly said he did not want the boys hanging out with Pike.

Authorities said Connolly threatened Pike with a baseball bat. After an exchange of punches, Connolly and the boys got into the van, Pike hit the windshield with the bat and Pike was struck by the vehicle.

Connolly was being held without bail pending a court appearance Friday.