Florida police release details on found skeletal remains

The skeletal remains of eight people discovered in March were all white men between ages 18 and 49, but who they were and how they ended up in a remote wooded area remain a mystery, officials said.

An ecologist surveying the wooded tract on March 23 discovered the remains off a dirt road near Interstate 75 in this South Florida city. Police initially found three skeletons, but searchers later found five others within a 50-meter radius.

Police estimate the men died between 1980 and 2000. They released details about injuries the victims had suffered in hopes that it would jog the memories of people who knew them, but they declined to discuss details of how the men might have died.

"We have a lot of theories right now. We have not ruled out a funeral home having dumped these bodies, and we have not ruled out a serial killer. After we identify these people we'll have a better idea," Police Chief Hilton Daniels said Friday.