KLM flight bound for western Japan hit by turbulence, 9 injured

Turbulence hit a KLM flight bound for western Japan Thursday, injuring nine people, officials said.

The plane encountered turbulence about two hours after taking off from Amsterdam, Transport Ministry official Toshiharu Osumi said. Officials said earlier that 16 people were injured, but later revised that the number to nine.

Their injuries were not serious, according to KLM official Maiko Sekiguchi. She said four of them were taken to a hospital, but could not give details of the injuries.

There was no damage to the plane, transport officials said.

The pilot apparently decided that the injuries did not require immediate attention, Osumi said.

A flight between Amsterdam and Osaka is about 11 hours, meaning the injured had to endure the remaining nine hours until landing in Osaka. KLM official Sekiguchi said the airline was investigating why the plane did not return.

The KLM 867 flight was carrying 275 people, including 13 crew, Osumi said.

National broadcaster NHK showed passengers who had left the plane. One had wine stains on his shirt.

"The plane suddenly lurched up," said one women, who was not further identified. "There was stuff all over the place."