Drunken driver strikes man and drags him for mile

A man got lodged under SUV after being struck by a drunken driver and dragged for more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) while the driver ignored the thumping noise under his wheel.

Anselmo Chin-Sabam, 22, lost his lower lip and his right bicep muscle and broke his right shoulder while being pulled through a parking lot, around a traffic circle and up and down a nearby road Sunday.

He was listed in stable condition Tuesday.

The occupants of the stolen SUV were identified by police as the driver, Alejandro Xuya-Sian, 27, and a passenger, Guillermo Alvarado-Sequen, 37.

Chin-Sabam was struck in a parking lot behind a bar and became lodged under the SUV. He was dragged across the parking lot, around a traffic circle and along the southbound and then northbound lanes of a nearby road, where he was either dislodged or removed by the driver, police said.

The SUV then continued down the road until it overturned in the woods. The car's occupants suffered minor injuries.

Xuya-Sian told police he did not recall hitting anyone but confessed that he heard a thumping sound coming from his front tire as he went around the traffic circle, police said. He also told police that he stopped on the road and discovered Chin-Sabam under his car.

Xuya-Sian was charged with DWI, vehicular assault, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of a serious physical injury auto accident.

The owner of the SUV reported that it was taken without his permission by his roommate, whom he identified as Xuya-Sian, police said.

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Author`s name Angela Antonova