$6,800 for 54 years in jail

The government of India has paid a man it mistakenly held in jail for 54 years $6,800 in compensation, and given him a $23 monthly pension.

Machang Lalung, 77, was arrested in his village of Silsang in the state of Assam in 1951 and charged with "causing grievous hurt." The charge would normally carry a sentence of 10 years, but a series of bureaucratic maneuvers saw him shunted from jails to psychiatric hospitals and other jails.

His relatives and family members forgot about him, and only last year his case was taken up by local human rights activists.

Activist Sanjay Borbora denounced India's "cruel system," and said Lalung was entitled to more, UPI reports.

"He should sue the authorities for millions of rupees but I don't think he is even aware he could," Borbora said.