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Pilot removed from flight over alcohol smell

A United Airlines pilot was removed from the cockpit and questioned by police after security screeners at Miami International Airport reported smelling alcohol, according to police.

The pilot was not arrested and no breath test was done, but the airline suspended him pending an internal investigation. The Federal Aviation Administration is also investigating.

"United's alcohol policy is among the strictest in the industry and we have absolutely no tolerance for abuse or violation of this well-established policy," airline spokeswoman Robin Urbanski told.

Three years ago at the same airport, two American West pilots were arrested after screeners smelled alcohol on their breath before they boarding a plane. Both pilots were fired by America West and are now serving prison sentences.

The pilot in Sunday's incident was boarding Flight 1404 to Washington D.C. when Transportation Security Administration screeners thought they smelled alcohol and alerted police.

The pilot was questioned in the jetway but no breath tests were conducted, the AP reports.