The war front in America

This past week has seen a rise in the number of fatalities in the on going war in America.

AP article: Tuesday, September 7, 2004,

DAWN, Virginia - Eleven shot, one stabbed.

MINNEAPOLIS - A Minnesota man fatally shot his five-year-old daughter in Wisconsin before killing himself

Anoka County - Minnesota, Larry Plessel, 60, was killed by a bullet fired from close-enough range to leave gunpowder residue.

With the Assault weapons ban being allowed to expire, and the National Rifle Associations demands to Bush “Put military-style rapid-fire assault weapons that have been banned for the last ten years back on the street”. (, it looks like things just might get uglier as the war continues to escalate.

The NRA promised America that shootings like this would stop immediately if everyone carried a gun. The scientific foundation for their claims come from a discredited John Lott who cannot support his study, there is no records of his study, and not to mention he used an on-line persona to valid himself (in other words, he lied).

If you are visiting America, buy a gun. Support the NRA and jump right into the war (see, you gun nuts, I supporting your cause. I love casualty articles and it makes for great reading overseas). Nothing I love better than to show the world just how wonderful we are.

And, guns are also creating new job openings too - who is going to replace the people who got killed last week. Is this the job boost Bush promised?

Oh, I hope to be introducing a monogrammed line of body bags. Don’t leave home without one.

Michael Berglin

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