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Russian commandos arrange pogrom in Moscow’s Gorky Park

One man has been reportedly wounded as a result of a massive fight

Twenty military men fought in Moscow during the celebration of the Airborne Troops Day. One man has been reportedly injured as a result of the fight, although the police have not interfered in the pogrom.

Official spokesman for the Moscow’s Internal Affairs Administration Pavel Klimovsky told RIA Novosti, the wounded man had refused to be hospitalized. Klimovsky said hundreds of police officers were currently on duty in Moscow parks to prevent outbreaks of violence.

”We have not detained or arrested anyone for hostile intentions or actions aimed against other people. The celebration is going fine,” the official stated.

Interfax, meanwhile, reports, a group of drunken commandos broke a shop-window on a Moscow market. Other incidents were reported from the Gorky Park area in Moscow. A group of military men arranged a massive fight near the central entrance to the park. The police did not take any measures to stop the pogrom. Other commandos in the park managed to stop the fight and pacify other people.