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Federal forces destroyed militant group

Federal forces have destroyed a small militant group in Chechnya's Shatoi district, according to the press centre of the Regional Headquarters for the Anti-terrorist Operation in the North Caucasus (ROSh).

"While conducting search and reconnaissance several kilometres south-west of the village of Kharsenoi, federals encountered a group of five militants. The militants opened fire. Federal servicemen returned fire killing two militants. The other three men vanished in the forest," said the press centre.

While examining the site, servicemen found 2 AK-74 sub-machine guns and an ammunition load, 3 RGD-5 grenades, 4 improvised grenades, a Kenwood radio station, 25 kg of foodstuffs, clothes, medicines, and personal hygiene kits. The militants did not carry any identification papers on them.

"We believe the militants were members of Doka Umarov's group, and they were returning to a base after a raid they had staged to replenish food and medicine supplies," according to the headquarters.

Federal forces are looking for the militants who escaped in the forest.

The headquarters also reported on the surrender negotiations that are taking place with more than 25 militants.

Ordinary members are continuing to leave militant gangs, reads a ROSh press release.

"Those who chose to leave gangs say they were tired of waiting for the arrest or death. Many militants live under permanent stress," reads the press release.

Besides, discords between Chechen militants and Arab mercenaries continue to aggravate, sometimes they even evolve into armed clashes. "Warlords take advantage of splits in some of the armed groups robbing locals and misappropriating funds supplied from abroad," reads the press release.

ROSh also reported that the Unified Interior Ministry Group in the North Caucasus and Grozny's police had deterred a major terrorist attack in the Chechen capital.

"An improvised bomb was discovered near a residential house in Grozny's Leninsky district yesterday during a search operation. The bomb was hidden in debris," said a press service spokesman.

The bomb was made of two 122-mm calibre shells, electric detonators, 2 Krona batteries, and an activated timer.

The bomb was destroyed on the spot. Police are looking for those who planted the bomb.

Police have found a 122-mm shell, a 12.7-mm cartridge, and a plastic bag with green substance inside at a private home in Grozny. The house owner was detained.

Besides, police have detained a local man who carried 3 triton blocks weighing a total of 600 grams, 3 hand grenades, and 2 rounds for grenade launchers.

Policemen found a Kalashnikov submachine gun, a Makarov pistol, a hand grenade, and a 400-gram triton block in a cache in the floor of a half-ruined house.

Investigation is being conducted into all findings.