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Battles in Chechnya, prevention of terrorist act against Mufti

Eight militants were killed in a battle in Chechnya, RIA Novosti was told by a spokesman of the regional operational headquarters in the North Causcasus.

According to the headquarters, during yesterday's special operations in the Vedeno and Nozhai-Yurt districts of the republic, the federal servicemen discovered several groups of about 25 men. The militants opened fire; in reply an artillery blow was delivered at them. "Three militants were killed, several wounded," the spokesman said.

Apart from that, according to him, as a result of an ambush, yesterday laid by the federal forces in the Nozha-Yurt district near the village of Simsir, a group of militants was discovered.

As the source said, the law enforcement bodies had possessed the information that the militants would try to go to the territory of Daghestan (a neighbouring republic). "A battle took place with the advanced guard of the militants whose number amounted to about half a dozen. On the way of the bandits' retreat, the bodies of three militants were found," the headquarters spokesman said.

As a result of another organised ambush, a battle with militants took place at the village of Shaami-Yurt in the Achkhoi-Martan district. "Two militants were killed. Two sub-machineguns and ammunition were withdrawn from the place of the battle, the headquarters spokesman said.

A terrorist act was prevented in the Shatoi district which was aimed against the Muft of the republic, Ahmed Shamayev. RIA Novosti was told about it on Monday also by the headquarters spokesman.

According to him, a home-made explosive device was found the day before at the house of Ahmed-hadzhi Shamayev in the village of Vashin-daroi. The device consisted of a 125-mm. tank shell and two mines. As was pointed out by the headquarters spokesman, the militants obviously intended to kill Shamayev, because the bomb was placed away from the road along which the federal forces usually move. The found device was destroyed; those concerned in placing the bomb are being looked for.

As RIA Novosti was told in the Joint Group of Forces in the North Caucasus, unidentified militants shelled a group of servicemen. Deputy commander of the group was wounded.

According to the data of the source, fire was opened yesterday night when the federal servicemen conducted searching operations not far from the village of Tazen-Kale. The wounded deputy commander of the federal servicemen was hospitalised.

Investigation has bee launched and an active search for the militants is going on.

Apart from that, as has been reported by the republican Interior Ministry, as a result of the fire opened in the Shali district of Chechnya, one militiaman was killed., another one wounded. The incident took place yesterday on the outskirts of the village of Germenchuk. Unidentified persons opened fire from automatic weapons at members of the militia patrol service. The wounded militiaman was hospitalised.

Investigation is going on and the law enforcers are searching for bandits.