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Boris Berezovsky comments on Paul Khlebnikov's murder

The editor of Russian edition of the financial magazine Forbes, Paul (Pavel) Khlebnikov, who was shot dead in Moscow on Friday, suffered from his careless handling with facts, exiled Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky, living in London under the name of Platon Yelenin, told RIA Novosti.

"I cannot say who is behind all this," he noted. "I am aware of his careless handling with facts, which was cleared up in the British court," Mr. Berezovsky added meaning his libel suit against the Forbes magazine, which the exiled tycoon had won.

"Unfortunately, he used to invent many facts and someone must have disliked this very much," Boris Berezovsky said.

According to him, Paul Khlebnikov interviewed him in Moscow in 1996. After that they did not see each other. Paul Khlebnikov did not attend hearings at court.

In December 1996 Paul Khlebnikov published an article on Berezovsky, "Godfather of the Kremlin" saying that the-then deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council Boris Berezovsky ruled the country.

In February 1997 Boris Berezovsky filed a suit to London's Royal Court to defend his business reputation. In early 2003 the sides finally reached a settlement and the Forbes magazine was forced to retract allegations made in the article.