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Militants in Chechnya fight for redistribution of influence in criminal business

Militants in Chechnya are fighting for redistribution of spheres of influence in criminal business. This is said in the statement of the Regional Operational Staff for controlling the counter terrorist operation in the North Caucasus received by RIA Novosti Friday.

"The atmosphere in the bandit underground is characterized by aggravation of the fight for redistribution of spheres of influence in criminal business. Competition continues between gang leaders for control over financial earnings from shadow business in the Chechen Republic," reads the document.

In particular, the Staff said, it was established that some leaders, having teamed up with the gang group led by Chukeyev, which acts in the capital of Chechnya, Grozny, intend to oust him from the leading positions and intercept channels of reception of financial means controlled by this militant.

"With the same aim, the so-called emir of the Vedeno district Debeshev who makes attempts to restore channels of financing gang formations in the Vedeno district arrived in Grozny," reads the document.

At the same time, the staff reports, information arriving about the activity of gang groups in the Shali district testifies to unification of gangs headed by so-called field commanders Abubakarov and Ismailov.

"The mentioned gang groups are involved in kidnapping in the Shali district with the aim of getting ransom from relatives. They commit armed attacks on citizens aiming to seize material values, food and vehicles for their gangs' needs," says the press release.