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Law enforcement bodies report latest incidents in Chechnya

In the village of Noviye Atagi of the Shali district of Chechnya, staff of the Interior Ministry of Russia and interior servicemen have discovered a cache with arms, ammunition and explosives, RIA Novosti was told on Wednesday in the regional headquarters for the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus.

"The cache, which was in a forest, was found to contain a home-made explosive device based on a 152-mm shell with an electric fuse, two anti-tank grenade launchers with three rounds of ammunition, three mines, 44 grenades, 15 kilogrammes of TNT, more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, and 40 electric detonators," a headquarters spokesman said.

A search for persons involved in organising the cache has been mounted.

The republican Interior Ministry also said that near the village of Paraboch of the Shelkovskoi district of Chechnya, under the 1.5-m diameter Mozdok-Kazi-Magomed long-distance gas pipeline, a home-made explosive device was detonated, causing a subsequent fire. The blast damaged 500 metres of pipeline," the source told the agency.

After gas supply was stopped and the fire put out, field operatives discovered on the site the burnt body of an unknown man, a Kenwood radio station, and wires.

"Further inspection revealed a bag with another home-made explosive device at a distance of 180 metres from the place of explosion in the River Terek," he noted.

Repair and recovery work continues.

The republic's law enforcement bodies also told RIA Novosti that a servicemen of the interior troops of Russia's Interior Ministry was blown up on an explosive device while doing service in Chechnya. "The incident took place on the day before outside the populated centre of Mesker-Yurt of the Shali district. The blast left one servicemen injured, who was hospitalised," the source told the agency.

The source also said that on the same day law enforcement bodies detained in Chechnya a participant of the attack by the gang of one of Chechen warlords Basayev on Dagestan (a republic bordering on Chechnya), which took place in 1999.

The source in the Interior Ministry of Chechnya told RIA Novosti that he is a resident of the village of Bammayurt of the Khasavyurt district of Dagestan.

According to the source, the detention was effected by members of the criminal investigation department of Dagestan and the security service of the president of Chechnya.

"The detainee had a Kalashnikov automatic rifle, 120 7.62-mm rounds of ammunition, and two grenades. He has been handed over to the prosecutor's office bodies," the source told the agency.

The name of the detainee is not disclosed.