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Reports from Chechnya tell about prevented acts of terror, bombs, rebel attacks

An act of terrorism has been prevented on the grounds of School 42 in the Chechen capital of Grozny, reports Russia's Regional Command for Counter-Terrorist Operations in the North Caucasus. As a spokesperson for the Command told RIA Novosti, two homemade explosive devices, weighing 850 grams each, were detected outside the school. A probe has now been launched to investigate the incident.

Two 200-gram aviation bombs have reportedly been found in a cache in the village of Braguny, in Chechnya's Gudermes District. The bombs were presumably intended to be used for a large-scale terror attack, the spokesperson says.

The dangerous finds have now been taken to a safe location and destroyed. Local law-enforcement agencies have launched an investigation to track down the plotters of the attack.

In the Shchyolkovo District, rebels opened fire on a Niva jeep, killing a civilian. An inquiry is currently underway.

The house of a farm director came under rebel fire in the Shali District of Chechnya. According to our interviewee, the attack was committed in retaliation for the man's refusal to cooperate. Shell splinters have reportedly been found on the scene. An investigation is on.

A rebel surrendered himself to police in the Shatoi District. The man (his name cannot be disclosed as long as the investigation goes on) said he was affiliated with a gang led by a certain Dadayev. He told the police that the gang was comprised predominantly of Arab mercenaries and inhabitants of North Caucasus republics neighboring Chechnya and that there were almost no Chechens on it. The rebel group's operations are aimed primarily at liquidating high-ranking government officials and community activists reluctant to cooperate with them, the spokesperson for the Regional Command told RIA Novosti.

Two conscripts were injured in an explosion caused by an unidentified explosive device planted in an armored personnel carrier in the capital of Grozny, the republic's Interior Ministry reports. The incident occurred early last morning in the city's Staropromyslovsky neighborhood. The vehicle was carrying out an engineering reconnaissance raid when the explosive device went off. The two men wounded in the blast were rushed to a hospital. Their present condition is assessed as non-life-threatening, Interior Ministry officials say.