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Commander Boldyrev reports on chasing bandits in Ingushetia

Vladimir Boldyrev, commander of the North Caucasian Military District, gas reported to presidential representative in the South Federal District Vladimir Yakovlev on the chasing of bandits in Ingushetia.

He said four settlements had been blockaded and inspected; four vehicles (including an Ural and a Gazel) found there were possibly abandoned by the bandits. According to Boldyrev, the bandits retreated hastily and, reportedly, in two directions.

Before meeting with Boldyrev, the presidential representative met with the Ingush president Murat Zyazikov. Many civilians, including a pregnant woman, were killed in the shootout in Ingushetia, reported a PR officer of the FSB department for Ingushetia Alexei Baigushkin. "They shot indiscriminately at ambulances and civilian cars. As far as we know, one of the killed is a pregnant Ingush woman," he told journalists.

Baigushkin did not specify how many people were killed. "We do not know precisely yet, but the number of civilian victims is big," he said.

Late at night on Monday several groups of bandits attacked the buildings of the Ingush Interior Ministry and the 137th border station in Nazran and the settlements of Karabulak and Sleptsovskaya. As of now, 46 people are reported dead.