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Dagestan GTRK president is in grave condition

President of the Dagestan State TV and Radio Company (GTRK) Taigib Abdusamadov wounded as a result of a Friday attempt on his life is in grave condition, the intensive care unit of the 1st municipal hospital of Dagestan's capital told RIA Novosti (Dagestan is a republic in the North Caucasus, Chechnya's neighbor).

According to resuscitator on duty Abdurakhman Gasanov, the patient lost two liters of blood and will remain in grave condition for three-four days. His recovery will take time.

The GTRK president was attacked on Friday when he was leaving a cafe in Makhachkala's center.

An unknown criminal shot at Mr. Abdusamadov and wounded him in the chest. The GTRK president was taken to hospital with a penetrating wound and operated.

The prosecutor's office of Makhachkala's Sovetsky district initiated criminal proceedings.

According to some data, Mr. Abdusamadov was wounded with a rifle with a silencer.