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Bezymyanny volcano erupts in Kamchatka

The eruption of the Bezymyanny volcano (2,869 meters) has started on the Kamchatka peninsula (Russia's northeast). Strong underground shakes were fixed at 8.30 local time (23.30 Moscow time), the local seismological station told RIA Novosti.

The eruption is accompanied with the ejection of ash and gas columns 8-10 kilometers into the atmosphere. The ash trail stretching to the southeast is clearly seen on the satellite photos provided by the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

The Bezymyanny volcano last erupted on January 14-15, 2004. Its eruptions are strong but short and occur once or twice a year.

The eruptions do not threaten Kamchatka settlements. The nearest town of Klyuchi is located 40 kilometers north to the volcano. Ash ejection is dangerous for airplanes, tourists, fishermen and hunters.