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No human factor in mine accident

The investigation of the accident at the Taizhina mine in the town of Osinniki, Kemerovo region (the south of Western Siberia), has not yet found any violations of the industrial safety measures, the town prosecutor, Yury Pairamalov said.

"We cannot say that there were any violations of the industrial safety measures on the part of the officials," the prosecutor said.

According to him, this will become known, however, only after the state commission for investigating the causes of the accident will complete its work at the mine and a mining expertise, the basic one in the case, will be carried out. "This procedure may take two weeks or even a month," the prosecutor believes.

Today, it is supposed that the explosion in the mine was a result of the accumulation of methane and a spark that kindled it. "In checking this version, we shall have to find out why methane had accumulated and why a spark had appeared," the prosecutor said.

For the second week now the investigators of this criminal case from the prosecutor's office continue to poll the miners who worked that day in the mine and the management of the mine.

The accident at the Taizhina mine occurred on April 10 when 53 miners worked underground. Three miners got out independently and another three were evacuated by mine rescuers.

The bodies of 46 miners were discovered in clearing the rock bursts at the depth of 500 meters in the first days of the rescue operation. The body of the last miner was found only yesterday.