More than 60 militants detained during counter-terrorist operations in Northern Caucasus

More than 60 militants have been detained during counter-terrorist operations conducted in the past 24 hours by law enforcement structures in Ihgushetia, Chechnya, Dagestan and other North Caucasian republics, reported sources in the regional operative headquarters of the counter-terrorist operation in Northern Caucasus.

According to information provided by headquarters, dozens of special operations have been conducted. Large amounts of weapons and ammunition have been seized. "As a result of these operations, law enforcement bodies prevented the plans of the leaders of bandit groups to destabilize the situation in the Northern Caucasus," representatives of operational headquarters stressed.

The Ingush department of the RF FSB together with Interior Ministry structures continued special operations on the territory of the republic aimed at neutralizing the bandit group headed by Aslan Maskhadov and Shamil Basayev, which is equipped and financed by Abu Al-Valid. The bandit group numbers approximately 200 militants.

According to operational headquarters, bandit leaders planned to disrupt the inaugural ceremony of the President of the Chechen republic and provoke an armed confrontation with local police and federal troops on the territory of the Ingush republic.

Last night, FSB and Interior Ministry officers conducted a series of special operations aimed at apprehending the militants. During the first round of interrogation, the detained militants revealed locations of several hideouts of other members of bandit groups. The operatives also obtained information about bandit bases and camps in the mountainous regions of Chechnya and Ingushetia.

The detained provided information about hidden caches of weapons, ammunition, explosives, communication equipment and miscellaneous military supplies. The contents of the caches have been discovered and destroyed. Some caches were booby-trapped and the operatives had to destroy their contents on site.

At present, the FSB, Interior Ministry, Prosecutor's Office and Defense Ministry continue special operations aimed at apprehending the remaining members of the bandit group and destroying caches with weapons and ammunition.

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