Kuwaiti Prisoners Of War Remain In Iraqi Prisons?

Kuwaiti prisoners of war still remain in Iraqi prisons, Head of the Baghdad temporary administration executive committee, Muhammed Mohsein al-Zubeidu stated at a press conference on Thursday. According to unconfirmed information, some of them are kept in one of Baghdad's prisons, he said.

"Representatives of the Baghdad temporary administration executive committee and US military command would visit it today," Zubeidu stated. However, he did not specify which prison it would be.

Zubeidu highly assessed the role of US military men in freeing political prisoners in Iraq. "Without modern equipment, capable of detecting secret buildings, we would not be able to find and open secret underground prisons," he stated. "Many cells were equipped with armoured doors with safe locks".

The Head of the Baghdad temporary administration also said, that with the help of the US army experts they had freed 25 political prisoners from the underground prison of the Iraqi intelligence service near Kazimiyah and dozens of prisoners from the Abu-Greib prison located under the radio broadcasting tower. Dead prisoners, drowned by prison security, were also found in one of the casemates, he said.

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