Iraqi Opposition to Draw up Action Program at Conference in Nasiria

The Iraqi opposition will draw up an action program at a conference to be held in the city of Nasiria, which opens on April 12. According to Arab media reports, not all organisations will attend the conference. The Supreme Soviet of Islamic Revolution in Iraq has refused to attend, nor will it join the Iraq provisional government that may be formed in Nasiria.

Thousands of people in the city enthusiastically greeted Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress (INC), who addressed a rally at a central city square with a big speech. About 700 members of the INC, which had formed the 1st battalion of the Iraqi Liberation Army, are in the city. The opposition members have also been included in the local self-administration bodies in a number of cities in southern Iraq.

Meanwhile, Kurd armed units in northern Iraq announced a possibility of launching an offensive on the town of Kurkuk and Mosul together with U.S. troops on Saturday. Kurd units of Pershmerg on Wednesday were 15 km from Mosul.

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