Human rights activists: The war in Iraq leads to the violation of human rights in other countries

Human rights organizations believe that the war in Iraq has adversely affected the situation with the observation of human rights throughout the world.

The statement of Amnesty International, which RIA Novosti has received this Sunday in London, says that human rights are violated not only in Iraq but also in many other countries because of the war in Iraq.

This human rights organization has revealed that since the start of the war such violations of human rights have been witnessed in 14 countries. Thus, pursuant to the Act on Struggle against Terrorism, police in some areas of Great Britain is permitted to detain and search people without any sufficient grounds. Under the cover of the war in Iraq, US law-enforcement bodies are detaining and keeping in custody all refugees from Iraq and 33 more countries, which the US administration does not name.

As Amnesty International has established, while trying to intimidate people, authorities in some countries are arresting them to lessen the intensity of anti-war actions. In particular, since early March the Belgian police have placed over 450 people on administrative arrests to prevent their participation in anti-war manifestations. In seven countries police have taken tough measures to quell the actions of protest, which resulted in the death of innocent people.