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Iraqi Ambassador to Moscow Refutes Reports on Discovering Chemical Production Plant in Southern Iraq

Iraqi ambassador to Moscow Abbas Khalaf refuted reports of western mass media that the chemical weapons production plant was discovered in southern Iraq.

Khalaf said in an interview with RIA Novosti on Monday that these statements were a lie and that the Americans had been lying since the first day of the war. This is a new propaganda canard, the ambassador believes. They should show this plant to independent sources, Abbas Khalaf said.

He recalled that UN international inspectors were in Iraq quite recently and did not discover any weapons of mass destruction there.

The ambassador did not rule out that the USA would continue resorting to such kind of misinformation in the future as well.

Earlier, the US TV company Fox reported, referring to an anonymous representative of the Pentagon, that the US troops discovered and occupied a big enterprise for the production of chemical weapons near the town of an-Najaf, 150 km to the south of Baghdad.

The Central Command of the US armed forces did not confirm these reports and called them premature.