New victims and new arrests on the Western Bank of the Jordan River

One Israeli was killed and one wounded early in the morning on Thursday whe fire was opened at a car near the Jewish township of Alei-Zahav on the Western Bank of the Jordan River to the north east of Ramallah.

Last night, in the towns and villages on the WEstern Bank of the Joprdan the Israelies conducted arrests of Palestians suspected of complicity in terrorst activity. For instance, in Hevron and Tulkarem four Palestinians, who were included in the so-xcalled "black list" of Israel, have been detained.

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday. in view of the infoirmation received aboat a terrorist act, being planned by Palestinians, thr Israeli blocked the raod leading from Jerusalem toJericho.

The situation in the Gaza Strip is still tense. In the morning of Thursday, in one of the Jewish villages of Gush-Katif a rocket of ther Kassam type blasted. AS a result, a child was hospitalised in a deep shock. In Gush-Katif a fortified position of the Israeli was shelled. Several high explosive grenades were thrown in the direction of the check point.

At the same time, the head of the local self-government department ofth4e of the Palestinian National Adminisratopm, Saib Arikat, said that the leadership of the Authority was reawdy to revivemeetings with the Israelis if a similar official stztement is recieved from them.

Saib Arikat headed the Palestinian delegation at the meeting msith Israqelis a week ago in Tel Aviv. The Israeli delegation was headed by Minister of Foreign Affaiors Shimon Peres. Both the Palestinians and Israselis highly ratee that meeting. However, the negotiations did not continue because of the aviation strike on the Gaza Strip as a result of which sixteen Palestinians were killed and about 150 wounded. That day,Salah Shahada, of the leaders of thre HAMAS radical Islamic organisation was also killed.

According to many estimates, the attack on the car with the Israeli licence number on the Western Bank on Thursday morning is a reply act of the Palestinians for the blood shed in Ga

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Author`s name: Editorial Team