Weapons confiscated and three home-made explosive devices destroyed in Chechnya

Over the past 24 hours 21 illegal mini oil-refineries and three home-made explosive devices have been destroyed in Chechnya.

A RIA Novosti correspondent was told at the Regional Operational Headquarters for Controlling the Counter-terrorist Operation in the North Caucasus on Monday that over the past 24 hours interim policemen have carried out three operational-search and preventive actions.

They checked 27,690 citizens, inspected 14,187 motor vehicles, and revealed 221 breaches of administrative law. As many as three grenade-launchers, two machine-guns, two submachine-guns, five pistols, four shotguns, 18 hand grenades, six mortar shells, two artillery shells, and 2,013 cartridges of different calibres were confiscated.

Furthermore, a cache was found in the basement of a house in the district centre of Kurchaloi during special operations last Saturday, and two grenade-launchers, a machine-gun and a Kalashnikov assault rifle were confiscated.