HAMAS threatens Israel with a "serious of unprecedented terrorist acts

The radical Palestinian organization HAMAS threatens Israel with "a series of unprecedented terrorist acts " in case families of terrorists are exiled from the West Bank. They mean the relatives of those who exploded bombs this week in Tel Aviv and attacked the passenger bus near the Jewish settlement of Emanuel.

The HAMAS statement declares that in this case the organization will dispatch its activists with bombs to every region of Israel.

As a result of the two recent terrorist acts in Israel 12 people were killed and dozens were wounded. The state of the six victims who were staying in hospitals is considered by doctors as critical. Not only Israelis but foreign workers became victims of the two explosions.

Immediately after the terrorist acts Israeli special services arrested in Nablus more than 20 Palestinians, fathers and brothers of the terrorists. The arrested people are expected to be exiled to Gaza strip.

This Israeli intention was seriously criticized in the world. In particular, UN General Secretary Kofi Annan thinks that in this case they are talking about "collective punishment".