Chechen terrorists plotting to use Georgia-made poisonous substances in terror acts

In Grozny, terrorists are masterminding large-scale terrorist acts planning to use virulent poisonous substances from Georgia. According to the statement made on Saturday by Colonel Ilya Shabalkin, a spokesman for the regional operational headquarters for the anti-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus, among other things, bandits are planning to poison foodstuffs, water and use explosives and poisonous gases.

According to Shabalkin, a large shipment of fast-acting poisons is being prepared for delivery to Chechnya from the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia for that purpose.

Shabalkin stressed that in case the militants' plans were implemented, the majority of victims would be among civilians. He indicated that the plan was being prepared by the so-called "field commanders" of Arabic origin (Abu Havs, Abu Saad and Abu Bastum) who were close to the killed Jordani-born international terrorist Hattab. Shabalkin pointed out that the terrorists were not bothered by the fact that civilians were going to suffer the most. This spring, separatists already made several attempts to carry out terrorists acts with the use of poisons, recalled the colonel. Found in militant caches by secret services has been a large amount of poisonous substances, arsenic, potassium cyanide, dozens of bottles of poisoned vodka prepared for sale to servicemen.

Shabalkin stressed that they were taking every effort to frustrate militants' plans.

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