42 people, including 12 children, died as a result of the terrorist act on May 9 in Kaspiisk

As many as 177 people, including 63 servicemen and 72 children, were injured as a result of the terrorist act in Kaspiisk on May 9, Vice Premier Valentina Matvienko disclosed to journalists on Monday. According to her, 42 people, including 12 children, have already died. At the present moment 107 people are staying in hospital - 46 military servicemen and 61 civilians, among them 43 children. 5 people are in a critical state. "This dramatic event has shaken all of us, and the most important thing now is to save the lives of the rest of victims, to bring them back to normal life", Matvienko said. A group of specialists, headed by Russian Deputy Health Minister Viktor Korbut, has been working hard in Dagestan in the last few days. As many as 11 tons of medicines have been sent to the republic. At the present moment all those injured are fully provided with medicines and blood substitutes, Matvienko stressed.