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Russian Leadership Satisfied With Development Of Russian-Yugoslav Relations

The Russian leadership confirms its commitment to the principles which form the basis of relations between Russia and Yugoslavia. These principles are fraternal cooperation between the two countries, democracy, the development of the market economy and Russia's economic support for Yugoslavia. A statement to this effect was made Friday by Russian prime minister Mikhail Kasyanov during his Moscow meeting with Dragoljub Micunovic, speaker of the Yugoslav parliament's lower chamber. The Russian premier expressed satisfaction with the development of political dialogue between Russia and Yugoslavia and reminded of the meeting between the two countries' presidents last fall. Mikhail Kasyanov added that during his recent meeting with Zoran Zizic, the Yugoslav prime minister, they managed to discuss some trends of the countries' bilateral cooperation. I'm convinced that the Yugoslav parliament is a stronghold of democratic forces which direct Yugoslav society, Mikhail Kasyanov said in conclusion.