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Tycoon Said In Washington That So Far He Had No Plans Of Coming To Russia

The fugitive media tycoon and a former Russian oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky, who is currently in the United States, said on Thursday that at the moment he had no plans of coming to Russia. "I may, probably, come to Russia, but this will be a one way trip", - said Gusinsky, when he spoke in Washington's National press club. It was announced in Moscow on Thursday that Gusinsky was again summoned to the Russian prosecutor's office in connection with new charges to him. He also informed about his further plans in the sphere of mass media, saying that he intended to help the former NTV journalists who joined TV-6 channel and "decided to establish a new TV company". However, the number of such journalists is not great, as a whole group of leading journalists decided to stay in NTV with the new company's management. "We will try to publish a new Itogi magazine", - added Gusinsky. Bearing a grudge to the Kremlin, Vladimir Gusinsky claimed that allegedly there was no "respect of the human rights" and other civil freedoms in Russia now. He called on the countries of the West to "put up some framework for Russia's participation in the civilized world" and "draw red lines which may not be crossed". "America is the main and single country in the world that can draw such lines", - said Gusinsky, thereby urging Washington to use force against Russia.