“French love” in the kitchen causes injuries

An unusual case of “love injury” was observed in the Russia’s town of Ruzayevka, by local hospital doctors. A couple was delivered to the local hospital. 30-year-old man and 40-year-old woman had severe injuries. The woman had concussion of the brain, the man had injury of his penis. The events, which caused the injuries, took place at the kitchen of the flat where the couple lived. In the evening the man desired to make “French love” with his girlfriend, who was frying pancakes at the moment. The desire was so strong that couple decided to make it just in the kitchen. As soon as the woman proceeded to “action” the man decided to remove a heavy cast-iron pan from the cooker, but he failed to hold it and dropped it on the head of his girlfriend by accident. She strongly gritted her teeth because of the suddenness and pain.


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