Georgia Suspected Of Setting Chechen Militants On Abkhazia

Georgian functionaries are mustering Chechen militants to penetrate Abkhazia for armed action, warns the Abkhaz legation in Moscow. Georgi Shervashidze, in command of Georgia's Interior troops, is now in the Pankisi gorge, close to the Chechen border, to form Chechen militants' units, says Tatyana Gulia, press spokeswoman of the representation of Abkhazia, self-proclaimed republic in Georgia's northwest. Chechens will join Georgian regular troops in Abkhazia's Kodori gorge, where a detachment of Chechen militants is stationed under joint command of notorious Chechen warlord Ruslan Ghelayev and Emzar Kvitsiani, Georgian governmental envoy, Miss Gulia said to RIA Novosti with reference to Abkhaz military officers. She reported that ten Georgians and Chechens from that detachment were recently captured in the Kodori gorge with genuine identity papers issued in Tbilisi.

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