Terrorist Involved In Actions Against Federal Units, Arrested In Chechnya

Police have arrested a terrorist in the Jalka village in Chechnya. The detainee is suspected of participating in a criminal gang, which committed a terrorist act in Grozny on August 28. That day, an Ural truck with policemen inside, was exploded in Grozny. Then, the vehicle came under small arms fire. As a result, several policemen were wounded and contused. The team, which was investigating this case, has spent much effort to find those responsible for the act. All of them are members of illegal armed formations. Finally, the investigators have obtained information about the location of a gang's member. The operation on arresting the criminal was successful. The terrorist was arrested in the Jalka village. During the first interrogations, the detainee gave confession statement, which is expected to help the police trace the rest of the gang.