Special Operation Against Armed Groupings Underway In Grozny

Law-enforcers launched a special operation in Chechnya's capital city of Grozny on Tuesday. The operation is encompassing the whole of the city, according to the republican administration's press service. Car movement within the city has been suspended, with Stop-Wheels plan being in action. The entry into and exit from Grozny are limited. The vehicles of those who have special passes and official vehicles are being allowed through some of the checkpoints after thorough examination. The checkpoints are also examining identification papers of those travelling on foot. The operation aims to reveal terrorists and persons having links with illegal armed groupings, detain them, check local police stations and look into legitimacy of carrying arms by some categories of residents, including the military, said the republican press service. The Chechen administration reported on detainees without specifying their number. Law-enforcers are identifying the detained and looking into their involvement in terrorist actions. It is so far unclear how long the restrictions will be in force.