Russian Aircraft Had No Servicemen Aboard

The Russian Emergencies Ministry denies all allegations that the Ministry's aircraft have delivered to Afghanistan Russian servicemen and equipment, the official statement by the Russian Emergencies Ministry reads. According to Yuri Vorobyov, the First Deputy Minister of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, "the Ministry's aircraft were neither refuelling on November 28, on the Tuzel air base near Tashkent, nor carrying any Russian servicemen or equipment." Vorobyov said that all Ministry's aircraft, which fly to the Bagram air base with Ministry's experts and humanitarian cargo aboard, refuelled only on an air field outside Astrakhan (a city on the Volga river.) The Ministry's aviation has performed five humanitarian flights to Afghanistan over the past three days. They have delivered to Afghanistan 88 Ministry's experts, a multi-purpose field hospital, five KamAZ trucks, approximately 39 tons of various humanitarian cargo, as well as the equipment needed to deploy the Russian humanitarian centre in Kabul. Yuri Vorobyov added that the Russian Emergencies Ministry is informing the Afghan government about these activities on a regular basis.