MP Warns Of A New Hot Spot

The CIS is facing a threat of a new "hot spot" appearing on its territory: the self-proclaimed Republic of Southern Ossetia, in northern Georgia, deputy head of the committee for CIS affairs Anatoli Chekhoyev said in connection with the latest events in Southern Ossetia. The fact is that the present leader of the republic Ludwig Chibirov suffered a defeat after the first round of presidential elections. In the second round, local businessman Eduard Kokoyev and speaker of Parliament Stanislav Kochiev will strive for the President's chair. However, backers of the defeated President, unwilling to accept the failure of their candidate, incited disobedience and revolts in the republic. Chekhoyev's opinion is that Chibirov's allies fear to lose control of Transcaucasian highway which connects Russia with Georgia via Southern Ossetia. They might provoke armed conflicts after December 6, the deputy says.