Frontier Regime Introduced In Uzbek Town Of Termez Near Afghan Border

A frontier regime is being introduced in the Uzbek town of Termez and in 11 districts of the Surkhan-Darya region near the Tajik-Afghan border on December 1. In the Soviet times, it was a restricted area that could only be entered with the help of a special entry permit. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, these restrictions were lifted by Uzbek authorities. In the long run, it was decided to introduce a frontier regime in Termez and neighbouring border districts to secure the border against militant units that repeatedly tried to invade the territory of the republic in the past few years. From now on, Uzbek residents travelling to the town and the border area must apply to local interior authorities within 24 hours to get a registration card. Foreigners residing in Uzbekistan permanently or temporarily are requested to obtain an entry permit at their local interior department 5 days before entering the area. Permits are issued free of charge. Employees of diplomatic corps, consulates and international organisations, as well as other persons accredited by the Uzbek foreign ministry, can get entry permits at the foreign ministry.