Terrorist Group Members Arrested In Daghestan

Daghestan's law enforcers arrested 7 members of a terrorist group that has been operating in the Republic over three years, Colonel Akhberdilav Akilov, Chief of the Republic's Department for Combating Extremism and Criminal Terrorism, said at a press conference. According to him, the group numbers 20 militants, 13 of who are currently on the police "wanted" list. Investigators have evidence of the bandits' involvement in the terrorist acts committed in Daghestan's capital Makhachkala and attempts on the lives of Mukhu Aliyev, speaker of the Republic's National Assembly, and Magomedsalikh Gusayev, Daghestani Minister for Information and External Relations. The bandits are also suspected of having committed acts of terrorism on the local railway and oil pipeline. All members of the subversive group had undergone intensive training at terrorist training centres in Chechnya and Afghanistan, Colonel Akilov pointed out. In addition, during recent operations in the Republic's mountainous area, the Daghestani law enforcers discovered an underground cache belonging to one of the Chechen field commanders and containing a large amount of arms and ammunition.