Leaders of Kosovo Albanians agree to distributing posts of president and premier

The leaders of three major parties of Kosovo Albanians have managed to agree on distributing the posts of the president and prime minister of the province and on the government structure, the Yugoslavian agency Beta reported referring to sources in Pristina.

Negotiations between the leaders of Albanian parties were held on Wednesday in the US mission in Kosovo with the head of the US mission, John Menzies, present.

According to reports, the Democratic Union of Kosovo, which won the November elections in the province, has abstained from claiming the post of the prime minister. The party is headed by the most prominent Kosovo activist, Ibrahim Rugova, who is running for the post of the province's president. However, three attempts of holding parliamentary voting on the presidential election have failed since the party lacks enough votes.

Now Rugova is claimed to have consented to compromise: in exchange for his party's refusal from the premier's post deputies of the other two parties should vote for Rugova's election the president of Kosovo. The date of holding a parliamentary session to vote for Rugova has not been fixed yet.