Large Amount Of Weapons And Ammunition Confiscated In Chechnya Over Past 24 Hours

Police officers have confiscated large amount of weapons and ammunition over the past 24 hours, the Staff of the Joint Group of Forces in Chechnya reported on Friday. As a result of special operations in Grozny and Argun, as well as in the Vedeno, Nozhai Urt, Kurchaloi, Shatoi and other districts of Chechnya, there have been found 4 rocket launchers, 9 assault rifles, one pistol, 6 hunting rifles, 44 mines, 101 grenades, approximately 4,000 rounds of ammunition and more than 6 kg of explosives. In addition, policemen have found a cache containing 6 Kalashnikov assault rifles, in the Kurchaloi district of Chechnya outside the Djugurty village.