Bin Laden's Associate Threatens To Start A Guerrilla War In Afghanistan

Aiman az-Zawakhiri, bin Laden's close associate threatens to start a guerrilla war in Afghanistan. Bin Laden's "right-hand-man" said in a telephone interview with Al-Majalla, a London-based Arab magazine that Al-Qaeda would conduct co-ordinated guerrilla activities in Afghanistan's mountains and towns. "The US will never win the victory," he said. According to Zawakhiri, he, as well as bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda leaders did not hide in Tora Bora's caves, but fought on the frontline. He ascribes the Taliban's rapid retreat to the fact the warlords were bribed. Western special services labelled Zawakhiri "the terrorist braintank". According to the magazine, he is still on Afghan territory.

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