Aset Dadasheva Convicted Of Explosion In Pyatigorsk Interrogated At Raduyev's Trial

The trial of Chechen terrorist Salman Raduyev and his accomplices accused of a bandit attack on Kizlyar (a town in Daghestan, Chechnya's neighbour) in January 1996 is being held in Makhachkala. Aset Dadasheva and her accomplice Fatima Taimaskhanova convicted of an explosion in Pyatigorsk (North Caucasus, the Stavropol territory) are being interrogated on Tuesday as part of the trial. At the trial in Stavropol both terrorists gave evidence that they had performed an explosion at Pyatigorsk railway station on the instructions of Raduyev. But Raduyev denies his participation in this terrorist act. The public prosecution headed by Russian Prosecutor-General Vladimir Ustinov assigns priority to the interrogation of the two terrorists to prove this episode of Raduyev's criminal case.