In Chechnya Police Discover Eight Hideouts With Weapons

Federal interior troopers discovered eight large hideouts containing weapons and ammunition in Chechnya yesterday. One large hideout was found in the district center Shali. From here policemen extracted 0.2 kilograms of TNT, two Kalashnikov automatic weapons, one pistol, five hand grenades, over 4,000 rounds for automatic weapons, an antenna, illumination flare, a machine gun. In a hideout in the Kurchaloi district, seven grenade launchers, five land mines, 89 rounds for underbarrel grenade launcher, 32 artillery shells and over 3,000 rounds for automatic weapons were discovered. In the village of Pobedinskoe four Kenwood radio stations, 900 different-gage rounds for automatic weapons, eleven rounds for underbarrel grenade launcher, three grenades, a machine gun, a submachine gun and a pistol were taken out. In the Shatoi district center, a hideout containing one antitank guided missile, two combat grenades and a fuse was uncovered. All these hideouts have been blasted. Investigation is underway on the fact of their discovery.