Two Army Vehicles Blown Up In Northern Ossetia: No Casualties Reported

Two army vehicles, a car and a truck, have been blown up near Chermensky Krug in Northern Ossetia (a North Caucasian republic within Russia). Fortunately, there have been no casualties. According to an Interior Ministry's officer-on-duty, the incident took place in the late hours of Friday. An investigation team is currently working on the scene. Its primary objective is to determine the type of the explosive device and the perpetrators of the crime. On November 26, a vehicle belonging to the Nazranvonski border unit, exploded in the same area. Private Yelena Yefimova died of received wounds, four more wounded servicemen are at Vladikavkaz military hospital. The charge of the explosive device was equivalent to 300-400 g of TNT.

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