Two Russian Aircraft Deliver over 40 Tons of Humanitarian Aid for Iraqi Refugees to Kermanshah

Vice-consul of the consular department of the Russian embassy to Iran Valery Golovanov stated to RIA Novosti in the Western Iranian city of Kermanshah that two transport aircraft of the Russian Emergencies Ministry delivered to that city more than 40 tons of humanitarian aid for Iraqi refugees.

According to Golovanov, IL-76 transport aircraft of the ministry of emergencies were already unloaded and left for Russia. The diplomat stressed that "the humanitarian assistance comprised tents, generators, sets of necessary tools, foodstuffs in the form of dry rations and other vitally required items." He stressed that loading and transportation works as well as organizational events were carried out with complete assistance of Iranian authorities.

The Russian vice-consul reported that "presently there is no concentration of Iraqi refugees in the areas bordering on Iraq and in the territory of Iran." According to him, "management of customs bodies of Kermanshah does not possess information on possible arrival from Iraq to Iran of Russian citizens and that's why no Russians left today for Russia on board the emergencies ministry's aircraft." Golovanov reported that on Sunday they expected the arrival of another shipment of Russian humanitarian cargo in Iran.