Iraq Intends to Address UN Security Council with a Demand to Condemn U.S. Actions

Iraq intends to address the UN Security Council on Friday with a demand to condemn the actions of the USA as "a terrorist state".

Permanent representative of Iraq to the UN Mohammed al-Dauri told journalists that he "intends to address the UN Secretary General, as well as to make all possible efforts for this question to be considered by the UN Security Council." As officials of the permanent representation of Iraq to the UN said, the respective addresses have already been prepared.

A meeting of the Security Council devoted to the Iraq issue may be convened today on behalf of Syria, which is its member.

At the same time, as diplomatic sources note, there are no reasons to expect a resolution or of a tough statement to be adopted on behalf of the chairman of the UN Security Council, since the USA and Great Britain are permanent members of the Security Council and have the right to veto. In these sources' opinion, there is a far greater chance to condemn the unilateral moves against Iraq within the framework of the General Assembly, though its decisions are not mandatory.

Today, the statement in which the attempt to eliminate the leadership of a UN member state, made by the USA, is characterised as "actions of a terrorist state" is the only document circulated in the United Nations on behalf of Iraq.

The statement says that the war will not be a picnic as some American officials want to present it, and the substantiation of the war operations on the part of the USA and its allies in the anti-Iraq coalition is called a "heap of lie". The document stresses that the main purpose of the war operations is to rid the Iraqi oil wells of the Iraqi people's control.