Major Terrorist Attack Prevented on Chechen Railway

A major terrorist act has been prevented on a railway in the Gudermes district of Chechnya.

The police found 20 kg of trotyl, 20 grenades and 4 electric detonators in the direct proximity of the railway. There were also 3 grenade-launchers in the cache, the regional operative headquarters for controlling the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus reported. All this was going to be used for blowing up the railway, the headquarters emphasised.

The federal forces prevented three other terrorist acts over the past 24 hours, the headquarters reported.

A terrorist group was detained at the scene of the incident, planting a radio-controlled landmine on the road to the Chiri-Yurt village in the Shali ditsrict. The federal forces opened fire, and the explosive device went off. After the explosion, they found fragments of two militants' bodies.