Russian Secret Services Prevent Chechen Terrorist Attack in Moscow

Russian secret services in Chechnya have uncovered preparations for a terrorist attack Chechen militants planned to carry out in a central district of Moscow.

Yesterday the police detained a militant named Abdulkhanov, a member of the gang preparing the attack, in the Vedensky district of Chechnya, the operative headquarters supervising the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus, Colonel Ilya Shabalkin reported on Wednesday.

Searching the detainee's house, the police found a detailed map of Moscow, with recreation spots and sites of mass people gatherings marked, a Russian army uniform, military outfit of a NATO member state, Islamic literature of an extremely radical, wahhabite character and notes on the use of mines and explosives, Shabalkin said.

At the interrogation, Abdulkhanov said that the attack's plan had been co-ordinated with Aslan Maskhadov and Abu al-Valid. The militants intended to carry out the attack before the 23rd March referendum on the Chechen Constitution.

Abu al-Valid is one of the leaders of illegal armed formations in Chechnya, "via whom funds from international terrorist organisations come to Chechnya," Shabalkin emphasised.