Baghdad is Satisfied with Reports Presented by Hans Blix and Mohammed El-Baradei

Baghdad is satisfied with international inspectors' work in Iraq and the reports made by international inspectors' heads Hans Blix and Mohammed El-Baradei in the UN Security Council last Friday, Iraqi Ambassador to Russia Abbas Khalaf stated at a press conference held in Moscow on Wednesday.

Baghdad's satisfaction is not provoked by the international inspectors' statement that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction, but by the fact that "they presented an objective and real picture on this issue in Iraq," he said.

The Ambassador believes Washington is "aware that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq." "Both Hans Blix and Mohammed El-Baradei have confirmed it," the Ambassador said and pointed out that Iraq "had begun a serious disarmament process." Khalaf believes that an increasing number of countries are joining the coalition protesting against Washington's aggression against Iraq. The Ambassador also pointed to Washington's threats to the countries not willing to support the new draft of the British-American resolution on Iraq.