President Of Serbia and Montenegro declares cooperation with The Hague Tribunal

Immediately after his inauguration Svetozar Markovic, president of Serbia and Montenegro, stated on TV in Podgorica that cooperation with the Hague tribunal was necessary for international integration of the country, which, in its turn, would be a condition for improvement of standards of living of the country's citizens. The president stated that in his opinion, a person to fight against cooperation with the Hague tribunal was fighting against his own people. According to him, without complete cooperation with the tribunal, as well as other European and international organizations, there would be no chances to improve standards of living of citizens of Serbia and Montenegro. Svetozar Markovic promised to do his utmost to help still doubting people to fulfil their obligations to the tribunal. The newly elected president of Serbia and Montenegro indicated that it was necessary to overcome inner emotions and to free public opinion of prejudices related to cooperation with the Hague tribunal. Markovic stated that the world could live without us, but we could not live without it.